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Educational Youth Program

Fun and Fit 4 Kidz was founded in June of 2012, by Brittany Cascone and Nicholas Valvano. One night after teaching a dance class to children, Brittany came home very discouraged and upset about one of the kids. The girl was having a difficult time breathing, was only

seven years old, and 125lbs! Brittany having the huge heart that she does, wanted to help this little girl and other little girls and boys just like her. After discussing her frustrations with Nicholas, she wanted to know if there was a way to combine Nicholas's fitness background with her dance background, and a few hours later Fun and Fit 4 Kidz was founded. They hosted a free class at a local gym, and had a turnout of 25 kids! After realizing they really had something good, they decided they wanted to start the kids off as early as possible and started offering the program in preschools. They are currently located in 20 locations across south florida.